How It Works

Photo credit: Barbara Troyer

Photo credit: Barbara Troyer

So how do you get your communication skills from where they are to where you want them to be? By steps!

Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Compassionate / Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed four specific steps to help people transform habits that lead to conflicts and other unwanted outcomes into clear and connecting communication that brings people closer together. By learning to focus on these steps, we can translate and eventually eliminate habits that cause the communication breakdowns and misunderstandings that harm our relationships.

Rather than judging, shaming or blaming each other, we start to be curious and want to understand each other. We begin to have new perspectives on situations that previously seemed unsolvable. They become opportunities for closeness because we trust that there can be win-win results.

“When I first started learning NVC, I hoped it might change or improve how I communicate. I’ve learned some skills in that regard but what it really did is change how I HEAR. And changing how I ‘hear’ things has changed everything for me.”  ~ Christine Winters

At the Center for Compassionate Living, we teach these skills in fun and interactive classes that help people immediately begin to transform their communication habits and improve their relationships. We practice with real-life situations in a safe and supportive environment where participants can build their confidence and skills.

It is our joy to share what we’ve learned because our lives and relationships have been transformed and enhanced through Compassionate Communication. We love being with people who are interested in making their lives and their relationships more wonderful.